Marie Navarro

bringing magic to the world - one book at a time



If you are looking for stories filled with adventure, magic, fairies, elves, dragons, romance, and happily ever after  - then welcome. You have come to the right place.

Marie writes magical novels for young adults and adults young at heart.

Her young adult novels are fantasy adventures with a touch of romance. The stories take place in both the modern world of humans and the enchanted world of FeyTerrah. You will find plenty of action, humor, secrets, magical creatures, and more.

For her adult audience, Marie loves to mix old fashion fairy tale with steamy romance. The heroes are noble, the heroines are strong. However, relationships that mix modern human life with the magical world of the fey can be tricky ... and a lot of fun.

Marie's fiction novels are a combination of existentialism and the flexibility of space and time. Maybe there is more to this life, this universe, and people than meets the eye.

All her novels are filled with romance, adventure, humor, and a good dose of magic.The characters, whether human or fae, are brave, kind, good, honorable, and sometimes a little bit naughty (just as elves and fairies should be). 

On the more serious side, due to the cultural differences, issues of tolerance and acceptance are addressed. Coming from a multi-racial and and multi-cultural family, Marie's characters are diverse and family culture plays an important role in her novels. 

Nature is respected, the good guys win, and the hero and the heroine always find true love. 

Author Societies: 

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Children's Book Writers
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"This entire book series is a wonderful read! A magical adventure that keeps you turning page after page with great delight!" Amazon reader

"This book should be made into a movie; I normally read non-fiction, but this fantasy held my attention and made it impossible to stop reading until I finished." Barnes & Noble reader  

"Marie Navarro never ceases to amaze with her talent of drawing the reader into her works of art. Her characters are relatable and almost real enough to touch. These are books that I would love to read and reread over and over." LitPick reader